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The Warren College Writing Course (WCWP 10A) : Communicating Climate Change

The Warren College Writing Courses are among the first required classes for all incoming Warren freshmen. In Fall 2017, the Warren College partnered with Scripps Institution of Oceanography to turn one of these first-year writing classes into a course on Climate Ethics..
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Integrating Climate Change Across Disciplines

Climate change is a multifaceted challenge that is relevant to many academic disciplines. At UCSD we are continually working to bring the climate change conversation into relevant curriculum across disciplines.

College Requirements

UCSD is currently comprised of six colleges, each with their own course requirements. These courses reach a high volume of first- and second-year students, and so provide a great opportunity to introduce the concept and concerns of climate change at an introductory level.

  • Marshall College Writing Program (MCWP 40, 50)

    Incorporating climate change topics into writing prompts

  • Dimensions of Culture Writing Program (DOC 3)

    Incorporating examples of climate change and environmental justice into analysis of cultural hierarchies in society and STEM fields

  • Warren College Writing Program (WCWP 10A, 10B)

    Restructured introductory writing course to focus on climate change ethics and communication as central theme

Natural Sciences

  • Genetics (BICD 100)

    Added a new exercise that explores the connection between genetics and climate change

  • General Chemistry Laboratory (CHEM 7L)

    Developed a new lab module that focuses on pH measurements of seawater as a function of CO2 concentration in a controlled atmosphere.

  • Organic Chemistry (CHEM 40A,B,C)

    Introduced new module on infrared spectroscopy and greenhouse gases

  • Concepts in Physics (PHYS 10)

    Explored topics in physics through a climate change lens

Social Sciences

  • Politics of Development (POLI 127)

    Introduced a new topic emphasizing the role of climate change in the politics of developing countries

  • American Society (SOCI 10)

    Introduced a new topic exploring relationship between climate change and American society

Arts and Humanities

  • Ethics and Society (PHIL 27, 28)

    Restructured course to emphasize ethics of climate change as a central theme

  • Seminar in Media History and Theory (VIS 151A)

    Developed topics related to environmental activism in arts and media

  • Philosophy and the Environment (PHIL 148)

    Developed content on ethical considerations of climate change for a large elective course